They are in shuffle mode. Legend below image.‘;

We won't make it, till the end of the year together.
my boyfriend sometimes makes me autophotic, but now his sweet.
People that pulls hair. Melchicr 6 years.
Afraid of fever. Benedikt 6 years.';
School starts soon.';
Were going home soon, with Aida. It's so smart.';
My weed is almost up. Again next to the shop.';
I'm happy with my new shoes, they were only very expensive.';
Hi, grrr so empty..
My hernia!.
I never feel enough.';
Kill Wesley, but thats not allowed.
Momie will dye eventually. Rethink everything.
My illness we´ll soon be over, no more aneroxia. I want to be normal. I will be happy.
My hatred towards the fellow human beings.
Do not think about tomorrow. Do not think about yesterday.
At this moment, my fear is travelling by airplane.
Think it will always end badly.